Institutional-grade messaging with workflow automation for Digital Asset traders.

Paradigm automates bilateral price negotiation and settlement workflows for institutional digital asset traders. It's time to upgrade from Skype and Telegram!

Single channel, multi-dealer

Automated RFQs

Direct, principal-to-principal price negotiation and settlement without an intermediary

Proprietary text recognition converts messages into Request For Quotes (RFQs)

Automated pricing via RFQ API (coming 3Q20)

Unlock liquidity, even in a bear market

Discovery + Management

Search counterparty directory for new and existing counterparties

/Makers Deribitlists counterparties by venue

Manage all your counterparties from one

Add/remove counterparties after KYC/AML checks are performed by your Compliance teams

Eliminate Credit Risk

Seamless Settlement

Zero-delay, automated settlement without requiring custody of customer funds or digital assets

"Block-trading" integrations with multiple clearing venues and settlement solutions

Show ❤️ to your Compliance team

Full Audit Trail

Automated email recap

Export trades to Excel or access Trade History directly via API

Export chat history to PDF

Connect with traders, automate your workflows and simplify your trading!

Here are some additional perks:

24/7 Support

24/7 support over chat or email!
We ❤️ you.

Private and Secure

2FA enabled, private network
with bank-grade encryption.

Risk System Integration

Paradigm integrates seamlessly
with your OMS or internal risk system.