Unified Markets

On-demand auctions via RFQs and complex order books for any instrument or strategy

Paradigm introduced multi-dealer RFQ for Crypto Options - now it's the industry standard!

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Request for Quote (RFQs)

Instantly get two-sided quotes from liquidity providers for large-size and complex, multi-leg, strategies. Any strategy. Any size. Trade visibly or anonymously

Complex Order Books

Generate on-demand complex order books for any strategy. Hit the bid, lift the offer or improve your price by resting a limit order.

Key Features

Unified Market View

See all RFQs and complex order books on one screen. Use tabs and filters to screen for active markets you care about

Build Any Strategy

Use our spread builder to quickly execute common strategies (spreads, combos, etc) or build any custom strategy you need

Single- & Multi-Dealer RFQs

Request quotes from a single LP or multiple LPs at the same time. Trade visibly to build your reputation or anonymously for maximum discretion.


Paradigm's Unified Markets are available on a growing number of exchange venues

Getting Started

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API Integration

Integrate seamlessy with Paradigm using API

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1 Percentages are calculated based on the number of Paradigm trade executions. Execution stats reflect the last 6 months of Paradigm platform activity.
2 Market share measured as a percentage of Deribit total options trading volume.

Not all products are available on all settlement venues or in all regions.

Paradigm is not a party to any trade and does not trade with or against any user of Paradigm's platform. All trading occurs through users trading against each other or with the order book.

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