Delta-1 Spreads

Streaming order books for trading the spread between any Delta-1 instrument (spot, perpetual or future)

Single-Exchange Spreads

Trade perpetual funding rate (spot vs perpetual) and basis (spot vs future) strategies or roll your hedges (perpetual vs future) on a single exchange with no leg risk!

Key Features

Dedicated Spread Liquidity

Paradigm Delta-1 Spreads source liquidity directly from our network - we never source liquidity from exchange order books. Access deep, spread specific, liquidity on Paradigm!

Up to 50% Less Fees Than Trading on Screen1

Paradigm has negotiated special prices for spreads trading with its exchange partners. Spreads executed on Paradigm pay no fees on the second leg!

Leave Resting Orders with no Leg Risk

Spread order books have atomic execution of both legs. Never again take the risks associated with legging into a spread trade!


Paradigm's Delta-1 Spreads are available on a growing number of exchange venues

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API Integration

Integrate seamlessy with Paradigm using API

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1 Delta-1 spread pricing varies by exchange venue.

Not all products are available on all settlement venues or in all regions.

Paradigm is not a party to any trade and does not trade with or against any user of Paradigm's platform. All trading occurs through users trading against each other or with the order book.

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