We're on a mission to bring
on-demand liquidity for traders, anytime and anywhere without compromises.

Our Story

Paradigm was born out of our own frustrations with the institutional OTC trading process. After spending hundreds of hours trading and navigating the inefficient, multi-channel nature of traditional OTC markets, we thought to ourselves: “there has to be a better way.”

Paradigm is that better way.

Our Investors

Paradigm is backed by Dragonfly Capital, Digital Currency Group, OK Group, Bybit Fintech, Alameda Ventures (FTX), Vectr Fintech Partners, CoinShares, XBTO Ventures, Monex Group, Yleana Venture Partners and some of the most influential private investors in the OTC markets.

We are headquartered in New York City.

Our Mission

For traders and investors, finding liquidity that is tailored to their price, size, risk, and settlement preferences can be an extremely challenging task. There is always a feeling that you are compromising on one of these variables at the time of execution.

Paradigm’s mission is simple: on-demand liquidity for traders, anytime and anywhere without compromising on trading preferences, execution costs and immediacy.

Our Principles

Customer Centricity
We obsess over our customers. We work vigorously to deeply understand what their needs are and clearly define the problem we are solving for them

We are all owners. We lead by example and hold each other accountable to delivering on what we promise. We think long-term, set big goals, communicate clear direction and drive results within our teams and with our partners.

No Ego
Ego is the enemy of growth. We are committed to growing both personally and as a firm and aren’t afraid to accept and learn from our mistakes.

Be Impatient
Speed is a competitive advantage. We ship products incrementally and are committed to being first to market

Hire and Recognize the Best
Every hire must raise the performance bar and improve the cultural identity of the firm. We recognize the best in people and give them the flexibility to move within the organization

Fairness and Inclusivity
We build products and a culture that enables access and opportunity without discrimination



Larry Ng

Co-founder, TradeWeb
Founding Partner, MarketAxess


Krishan Singh

Ex CEO, Noble Markets
Ex-Global Head, Bonds and CDS Execution at ICE


Etienne Brunet

Ex Head of Venture at Elwood
Ex Illuminate Financial
In crypto since '13


Jeff Maron

Global Head of Product, Tradition
Ex Head of New Ventures, IHS Markit


Jason Best

Partner, Vectr Ventures
Co-authored JOBS Act crowdfunding framework


David Sylvan

President, UH Ventures
Ex-Head of Derivatives, KeyBank


Stephanie Feldt

Chief Compliance Officer at Trading.com Markets
Ex-VP Compliance, Barclays


Jim Greco

Founder, Direct Match
Rates Trader, HFT Developer