The Big Picture | Diving into $BTC Price Action, Dominance, and Liquidity with Kaiko

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June 24, 2023


Welcome to a new episode of The Big Picture! This week we were pleased to have on Director of Research at Kaiko, Clara Medalie! Clara shared her valuable insights and expertise, covering a wide range of topics. We explored the various drivers behind Bitcoin's price action, analyzed the flows on Paradigm, and discussed the impact of iShares' move and its implications for BTC dominance. Additionally, we dove into the liquidity data from Kaiko and examined the effects of regulatory uncertainty and Tether's peg breaking. The episode also touched upon the BTC versus ETH volatility spreads and Skew, bullish thesis, liquidity considerations, counterparty risk, and the potential loss of dominance of the US dollar. Join us in this enlightening discussion as we gain a deeper understanding of the Bitcoin market dynamics and the factors shaping its future.


- Intro
- Clara's background
- Divers of $BTC price action
- Flows on Paradigm
- Ishares move and BTC dominance
- Kaiko liquidity OB data
- Regulatory uncertainty and Tether breaking peg
- BTC v. ETH vol spreads and Skew
- Bullish thesis and liquidity
- Counterparty risk and Defi
- Is the dollar losing in dominance

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