Paradigm + SignalPlus: A Game-Changing Partnership for Options Traders

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October 26, 2023


We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Paradigm and SignalPlus, an industry-leading crypto options OEMS (Order and Execution Management System) & PMS (Portfolio Management System) platform.

This partnership will embed Paradigm liquidity directly into the Signal Plus trading platform providing several key benefits:

  • Unified Trading Experience: Options traders can now access both block (via Paradigm) and exchange order book liquidity seamlessly through Signal Plus’s all-in-one trading dashboard, streamlining users trading experience.
  • Enhanced Liquidity for Large Size, Multi-Leg Trade: SignalPlus users can now access the largest institutional liquidity network in crypto (2000+ counterparties) when trading large size or multi-leg options trades. Paradigm’s deep liquidity will provide best execution for Signal Plus users on block sized transactions.

This groundbreaking partnership represents the very first integration of Paradigm liquidity into a third-party application, a significant milestone in the evolution of crypto trading infrastructure.

Anand Gomes, CEO of Paradigm

"Our integration with SignalPlus represents a leap forward for the crypto options market. For the first time, Paradigm liquidity will be directly accessible via a third party application. Chris and his team have been tremendous partners and we look forward to continuing to advance the ecosystem together.”

Chris Yu, CEO of SignalPlus 

“We're delighted to partner with Paradigm, paving the way for seamless trading across the crypto options market. This partnership enables traders to access Paradigm's liquidity through SignalPlus. Working together, we will strengthen our commitment to offer accessible and uncompromised quality in crypto trading for traders at all levels.“

About Paradigm

Paradigm is the largest institutional liquidity network for crypto derivatives traders across CeFi and DeFi. The platform provides traders with unified access to multi-asset, multi-protocol liquidity on demand without compromising on execution preferences, costs and immediacy. Paradigm’s mission is to create a platform where traders can trade anything, with anyone and settle it anywhere.

The Paradigm network is home to over 2,000 institutional clients trading over $10B per month, including hedge funds, OTC desks, lenders, structured product issuers, market makers and prominent family offices.

About SignalPlus

SignalPlus is a venture-backed technology company building institutional-grade trading software focusing on digital assets. Our flagship crypto options dashboard offers a full suite of pricing, analytics, and execution algos with multi-vendor and DMA access, perfect for high-touch trading strategies with a zero cost commitment. Furthermore, a powerful automation suite of pricing and volatility hedging tools is available to jump-start and scale a market-making operation right from its inception. SignalPlus's mission is to democratize crypto trading access for all, offering quality without compromise regardless of your background.

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