Release Notes (v 0.107)

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November 9, 2023


Hello Paradigmers!

In an exciting list of new updates (v 0.107), we're upgrading our App to bring you greater clarity and velocity:

🚦 Keeping a clear view of the Platform States - Paradigm will now use UI banners, API, and Web-socket updates to swiftly communicate platform states, including estimated transition times between different states. No more guesswork! - Read the docs here.

↔️ Clarity on the trades - The Trade Tape now features the Spread from Mark, highlighting the difference between the traded price and the mark price at the time of execution.

🐞 Bug zapped - You can now effortlessly create multi-leg RFQ/OBs from your existing Positions.

That's the scoop for now, but we're cranking up the engines for more.

Stay in the fast lane,

The Paradigm Team 💜🏁

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