Release Notes (v 0.28)

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November 4, 2019

Hello Paradigmers!


Today's update (v 0.28) to Paradigm includes the following new features and fixes:


👉 New Strategies: Butterfly, Call and Put Spreads (vertical, non-ratio) and Straddles 💥

👉 Improved algorithm for auto-calculating leg prices 💥

👉 Maker side pop-up window, for manual leg-price entry; cases when calculated leg-prices don't preserve delta-relationships

👉 Trade details popup appears for every RFQ



👉 Trade blotter date format changed to MM/DD/YYYY.

👉 Reworded "Options" to "RFQ" in Admin dashboard.

👉 User was unable to Add buttons after deleting all buttons.

👉 'Sell' was not displayed in Red for 'Add Options' popup.

👉 First letter was not capitalized for Fly and Spread.

👉 Notes did not persist in Trade Blotter.

👉 Removed redundant text from Cancel popup.

👉 Tab renamed from 'Options - Deribit' to Deribit in admin dashboard.

👉 Strategy price should display '--' for Outrights in Trade Blotter.

👉 Fixed issue Chat message not received and Contact list does not update(Released as Hotfix)

👉 Fixed issue so Bid cannot be greater than the offer (Released as Hotfix)

👉 Max trade size setting in Admin Dashboard was not being checked.(Released as Hotfix)

👉 White screen appeared when creating a new group.

👉 Paradigm Emails were getting caught in Spam Filters (created dedicated server on Sendgrid!)

👉 RFQ did not display for contract size in 4 digits.

👉 Countdown timer bar was resetting after typing a message.

👉 Text jumped in chatroom after user sends a message.

👉 'Index price' replaced by 'Underlying Mark Price' in Trade blotter.

👉 Fixed issue where app hangs when Taker executes/Maker cancels.

👉 Canceled RFQ showed as new message on logout/login.

👉 Contact list new message notification flashed when chat is currently open.

👉 Fixed issue where trade expired for taker but executed for maker.

👉 New RFQ s initiated canceled expired trade.

👉 Invalid syntax message changed  if quoted price does not adhere to min tick size.

👉 Counterparty was able to send RFQ if Maker setting was disabled.

👉 Extra trailing zero removed for ETH trades.

👉 Trade channel did not load with latest message.

👉 Fixed issue where Max Size = 0 on dashboard was not being respected.


As always, please reach out in case you are experiencing any issues.

The Paradigm Team 💜