Release Notes (v 0.33)

Published On

January 13, 2020

Hello Paradigmers!

Today's update (v 0.33) to Paradigm includes the following features and fixes:


👉 "/Makers Deribit" displays top Market Makers on Paradigm ranked by volume 🔥
👉 Strategy Mark Price now displayed when Taker sends an RFQ  💥
👉 Displays generated Leg Prices for each leg in the Details popup when RFQ is quoted 💥
👉 Added support for a Reversal Conversion i.e. same strikes allowed for Risk Reversals 💥
👉 Trade Channel icon turns green when at least 1 Trader is online
👉 Ticker and Desk Admin Name displayed in Approved Counterparty list on dashboard and in the search pop-up when creating a Trade Channel
👉 Display Desk Ticker next to the User Name in all chats

Fixes and Improvements

👉 Fixed group chat issue where trade button appears and slash command does not work.
👉 Cosmetic updates to the Web Dashboard
👉 Corrected layout for trade modals w/ and w/out leg prices.

As always, please reach out in case you are experiencing any issues.

The Paradigm Team 💜