Release Notes (v 0.44)

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November 9, 2020

Hello Paradigmers!

Today's update (v 0.44) to Paradigm includes the following new features and fixes :


πŸ‘‰ New Product: Multi Dealer RFQ (MDRFQ) Β πŸ”₯
Β  Β  Β - Quote multiple counterparties simultaneously and execute on the Best Bid/Offer
Β  Β  Β - Stay Anonymous πŸ’₯
Β  Β  Β - Global Block Trade Blotter

πŸ‘‰ New Product: Future Spreads πŸ”₯
πŸ‘‰ Improved Trade Notifications for Singe-Dealer RFQs
πŸ‘‰ Maker Quote Execution Window can now be configured to between 60-300 seconds
πŸ‘‰ Added an β€œApprove All” button to the Counterparty Management page in the Admin Dashboard
πŸ‘‰ β€˜Reply’ functionality to a message in group and trade chats
πŸ‘‰ Chat notifications now blink only 4 times for every new notification



πŸ‘‰ Admin Dashboard users couldn’t change members account type
πŸ‘‰ Profile picture was disappearing in chat when an RFQ is sent

Please reach out in case of any questions!

The Paradigm Team πŸ’œ

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