Release Notes (v 0.49)

Published On

January 25, 2021

Hello Paradigmers!

Today's update (v 0.49) to Paradigm includes the following new features and fixes:


👉 Automatically populate Bid and Offer fields with BBO from screen in Quote Modal
👉 New icons for the Trade Blotter and Settings in the Sidebar
👉 Paradigm version number now displays in the Setting menu


👉 Fixed issue where taker received an error when sending an RFQ to an unapproved counterparty
👉 Fixed blackout on clicking Reprice button
👉 Fixed Accounts not loading in RFQ builder
👉 Fixed issue where Makers were unable to quote second side after sending a 1 sided quote
👉 Fixed blackout when desk admin left the group
👉 Updated Error Message related to Individual Leg Price Calculations
👉 Fixed issue related to switching desk admins
👉 Fixed display issue for multiple trade ids

Please reach out in case of any questions!

The Paradigm Team 💜