Release Notes (v 0.51)

Published On

February 18, 2021

Hello Paradigmers!

Today's update (v 0.51) to Paradigm includes the following new feature and fix:


👉 Paradigm API is now LIVE! Automated quotes for multi-leg spreads!🔥🔥🔥🔥
👉 Significant Performance Improvements for Multi-dealer RFQ workflows
👉 Updated Counterparty Selection and introduced Maximum 50 Counterparties for Multi-dealer RFQ


👉 Improved log-in performance and fixed issue with log-in taking too long for some users
👉 Fixed issue causing "Error occurred while initializing" popup on waking app
👉 Fixed Best Bid/Offer not pre-populating for single dealer strategies

Please reach out in case of any questions!

The Paradigm Team 💜