Release Notes (v 0.55)

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April 19, 2021



Hello Paradigmers!

Today's update (v 0.55) to Paradigm includes the following new features and fixes :


πŸ‘‰ BBO (including size) display is available on both Desktop and Mobile Applications. Taker side: seen in the MDRFQ expanded row view. Maker side: seen in the Quote window and "View Details" screen
πŸ‘‰ BBO snapshot values are taken at the time first active maker quote is provided, and are updated whenever a new maker quote is available.
πŸ‘‰ Display easy BBO offset values for each Paradigm price returned (Positive offset on Bids/ Negative offset on Offers indicate better Paradigm pricing than screen)
πŸ‘‰ Single leg RFQs - Direction restricted to Buy. After submitting RFQ, customer will receive two-way (Bid and Ask) quotes, allowing customer to trade in either direction.


πŸ‘‰ Performance and Reliability Improvements
πŸ‘‰ Fixed Mac Application crash in rare scenario
πŸ‘‰ Fixed Accounts not loading in RFQ builder


Please reach out in case of any questions!

The Paradigm Team πŸ’œ

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