The Big Picture | Bitcoin Flows Are Starting To Look Bullish!

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August 7, 2023


In this episode, we have a fascinating market analysis with Greg from Amberdata, where he delves into the intriguing dynamics between Ethereum ($ETH) and Bitcoin ($BTC). From analyzing the beta of ETH compared to BTC to uncovering the current state of Dvol, Greg provides valuable insights that will leave you informed and enlightened about the crypto market.

We also uncover the overpricing of BTC options and dive into selling straddle. And finally, we discuss the exciting shift in sentiment that hints at a bullish trend and how volatility is making a comeback.

Make sure to watch till the end for an exciting finale.


- Intro
- Greg's Market Analysis ($ETH vs $BTC)
- Beta of ETH vs BTC3:30 - Dvol
- BTC Options are Overpriced
- Selling Straddle Backtest
- Shift in Sentiment (Bullish)
- Vol is Coming Back
- Paradigm Flows
- Gamma Positioning

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