The Big Picture | Breaking Down Net Dealer Gamma with Amberdata

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September 26, 2023


In this video, we deep dive into various aspects of Options trading and market dynamics. It starts with an introductory segment, hinting at an upcoming trading fee discount with Bybit. The presentation introduces Fabio, a seasoned expert in the Option data domain, who shares his insights and background knowledge about the market.

The video then explores the concept of Net Gamma Rebalancing, which suggests an in-depth exploration of trading strategies and risk management techniques within the crypto options realm. $ETH and $BTC come into focus, with discussions about dealer profiles, net gamma price changes, and the analysis of cumulative funding data from Deribit.

This one is full of Alpha, so watch the entire thing.


- Intro
- Bybit Trading Fee Discount
- Fabio Background
- Net Gamma Rebalancing
- $ETH Dealer Profile
- $BTC Net Gamma Price Changes
- $ETH Dealer Gamma
- Deribit Cumulative Funding
- Crypto Options Market Outlook (Marty)
- Using Perps or Options to Hedge Vol
- Large MM Flow
- Vol Crush

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