The Big Picture | Bybit's TradeGPT is a GameChanger for Traders

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October 24, 2023


In this video, Ethers provides valuable insights into the intersection of AI and crypto trading. The discussion delves into the Trade CBT Plug-In, an AI tool, and offers a live demo showcasing its capabilities. Structured products and their relationship with AI are explored, with a deep dive into these products' mechanics. The conversation also touches upon retail interest in structured products and the current market environment. ETFs and their impact on the market, Paradigm option flows, and the pent-up demand for upside are further discussed, providing viewers with a comprehensive overview of AI's role in crypto trading.


- Intro
- Ethers Background
- AI and Crypto Trading
- Trade CBT Plug-In (AI Tool)
- AI Trading Demo
- Structured Products and AI
- Structured Product Deep Dive
- Retail Interest in Structured Products
- Current Market Environment
- ETF Opium
- Paradigm Option Flows
- Pent up Demand for Upside

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