The Big Picture | How Crypto Affects the Macro with Former Coindesk Head of Research Noelle Acheson

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April 29, 2023


In this episode, we dive deep into how Crypto is impacting macro markets with the previous Head of Research at CoinDesk and Genesis Trading and the current author of the Crypto is Macro Now newsletter, Noelle Acheson. We also explore the current Vol regime we are experiencing and examine which types of traders are coming out on top in this market.

Noelle's Newsletter: Crypto is Macro Now -


Noelle's Background
Noelle's Macro Framework
Rate Cuts?
Debt Ceiling, Liqudity, Oil, Dollar
Sharp Moves in $BTC
ATM Implied Vol vs. Realized
Peak Rates, Peak Narrative
Less Upside Buying Now
Is Low Vol Keeping Traders Out
Risk Can Mean Upside

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