The Big Picture | Marty Talks Running a $20M Crypto Short Vol Fund

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July 25, 2023


In this insightful episode, Marty shares his journey in the crypto world and how he navigated through the recent volatility crash. He discusses how he caught the volatility crash and analyzes the option flows from the past week. One interesting point is the panic observed in the $ETH overwrite market. We also touch on the regulatory landscape in the UK. Finally, Marty gives us a glimpse of the crypto vibe in Brazil, rounding out this engaging and informative discussion.

This was a really fun conversation; we hope you enjoy it.


- Intro
- Marty's journey
- How did you catch this Vol crash?
- Option flows this last week
- $ETH overwrite panic
- Buying directional options
- Option equities
- UK Regulation
- Bankers need something to sell
- Crypto Vibe in Brazil

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