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July 15, 2023


In this week's episode of The Big Picture, the Paradigm Boys (Joe and David) are on their own, but that doesn't stop them from delivering an alpha-packed episode. This week we begin by analyzing the puzzling spot action in Bitcoin and trying to understand the factors behind it. Next, we discuss the decline in CPI (Consumer Price Index) and its implications for the market. Moving on, we explore the performance of DXY (US Dollar Index) and its influence on the overall market dynamics. A significant portion of the video is dedicated to discussing the current situation in China and its potential impact on the global economy. We also provide a live reaction to XRP and analyze its recent price action. Shifting gears, we examine the range and wedge pattern of Bitcoin and discuss possible scenarios for its future movement. Additionally, we delve into the open interest (OI) in taker positions, examining it by strike and maturity. Finally, we analyze option flows and discuss the strategy of rolling strikes up. Join us for an insightful and comprehensive discussion on these key topics.


- Intro
- Puzzling $BTC spot action
- CPI Decline
- Talking China
- Live Reaction to XRP and Price Action
- $BTC Range and Wedge Pattern
- Taker OI by Strike and Maturity
- Looking at Option Flows
- Rolling Strikes Up

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