The Big Picture | The ETH Volatility Lindy Effect

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June 6, 2023


In this week's episode, we had the privilege of hosting Gordon Grant, Co-Head of Trading at Genesis for an insightful discussion on Ethereum (ETH) volatility. The main focus of our conversation revolved around how the prolonged behavior of ETH volatility, particularly influenced by systematic selling and the resulting reflexive feedback loop, can be expected to continue into the future.

Gordon Grant shared his expertise and shed light on the dynamics shaping ETH volatility. We delved into the factors contributing to the current behavior of ETH volatility and explored how these patterns may persist over time. The episode provided valuable insights for traders and investors seeking to navigate the Ethereum market with a deeper understanding of its volatility dynamics.


- Intro
- Bleeding Long Vol
- Huge Percentage of Staked #eth
- Trend in #BTC vs. #ETH Volume and OI
- What happens next in volumes? (Macro Narrative)
- What will bring volumes back?
- Hong Kong backed stablecoin

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