The Big Picture | What Made $BTC Vol-of Vol hit YTD Highs?

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August 30, 2023


In this insightful podcast episode, we kick off with a brief introduction and housekeeping details. The discussion then delves into Greg's background and expertise, setting the stage for an exploration of Bitcoin's recent price movements and the potential involvement of whales offloading their holdings. Valuable insights are shared about volatility compression, where Gordon provides in-depth explanations of the factors contributing to this trend. The concept of implied volatility is also explored, providing listeners with a clearer understanding of its significance in the context of cryptocurrency markets.


- Intro
- Housekeeping (New hosts)
- Greg Background
- BTC price action drop then level off (Whales offloading)
- Vol Compression (Gordons Take)
- Implied Vols
- Gregs Dive into Metrics (Price of Convexity and Dvol)
- The Big Sell-Off Catalyst

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