General FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions by our community.

What is a Liquidity Network?

A liquidity network is a network of financial institutions and market participants that come together to facilitate the trading of financial assets such as cryptocurrencies. The primary goal of a liquidity network is to increase the liquidity of the assets traded on the network by connecting buyers and sellers and enabling them to transact with one another.

Is Paradigm an exchange?

No. Paradigm is an institutional liquidity network. Contracts and instruments tradable on Paradigm are created, and their terms determined by, the CeFi exchanges and settlement venues that Paradigm supports, not by Paradigm. Paradigm does not settle and clear any transactions, nor does it custody any assets or funds of any user.

Is Paradigm a market-maker?

No. Paradigm does not engage in market-making activities in any financial market.

Does Paradigm trade for its own account?

Absolutely not! Paradigm does not engage in any proprietary trading activity.

Does Paradigm take custody of my fiat or digital assets?

No. Paradigm is 100% non-custodial. We never take custody of your fiat or digital assets. Custody is handled by our settlement partners (CeFi exchanges) or directly on a blockchain (DeFi protocols).

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