Getting Started – Dashboard

Set up your Paradigm account using Web Dashboard. Manage members, RFQ settings, venues and more.


User Management


Log in to your Paradigm Web Dashboard using your Paradigm login credentials


On the Desk Management page, click the Create icon


Search for user names and set desired account levels from the drop-down menu for each member (Account level permissions are explained by hovering over the “?” icon, next to Account Type column)

Product Level Settings

RFQ Settings


To edit RFQ settings, select the RFQ tab within top header


RFQ Settings (Maker)

  1. Toggle Maker Functionality on/off to allow your desk the ability to respond to RFQs
  2. Settings are on a product level. chosen from the drop-down menu

Manual RFQ

  1. Edit RFQ settings separately for each product by using the Product dropdown. Select Edit for pop-out window to set Max Size and Execution Window for each product
  2. Use the Toggle functionality to enable/disable Manual RFQ at any time
*Currently Maker Functionality and Manual RFQ will toggle together.

Taker Price Band. Acceptable Bids (for Sell transactions) and Asks (for Buy transactions) would fall into ranges below:

  1. Bid > Mark - X ticks
  2. Ask < Mark + X ticks

Note: 1 tick is based on venue's min increment definition.


Maker Price Band. Price bands are against mark price. Setting Maker price band to 1 tick means:

  1. If Bid price > Mark + 1 tick, it will be stopped
  2. If Ask price < Mark - 1 tick, It will be stopped

Note: 1 tick is based on venue's min increment definition.