Release Notes (v 0.100)

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August 3, 2023


Hello Paradigmers!

What feels lighter than the feather? When you drop some burdens of tech debt and gaining more privacy. We are pleased to announce the v0.100 update to Paradigm.

📱 Responsive Unified Markets View - Now you can trade your favourite markets and view the footer tabs directly through mobile browser!

💅 New font, new app feel! We’ve changed our font to improve legibility.

🥸 Anonymity Threshold - you now need to RFQ to at least 3 LPs in order to be Anonymous. If you’re anonymous, your counterparty is anonymous.

🗒 You will need to re-accept the user agreement annually. We have made it easy for you!

👨‍🦳 DRFQv1 has retired

The Paradigm Team 💜

We've recently updated our privacy policy. The updated policy can be found here. Continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of our updated policy.