Release Notes (v 0.96)

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June 8, 2023


Hello Paradigmers!

We're thrilled to announce the v0.96 update to Paradigm, which includes some stellar new features and improvements. Get ready to propel your trading journey into the stratosphere!

🌠 Venue BBO Websocket Upgrade: Paradigm’s Best Bid and Best Ask Now Added 🎉

Ready to experience warp speed trading on the FSPD venue_bbo websocket channel? We're adding the “Paradigm Best Bid" and "Paradigm Best Ask" to help you pilot your trading decisions with an eagle's eye view of the market!

🪐 Bug Fix: Improving Strategy Description Conventions 🎊

We've tuned our trading communication modules! Expect smoother strategic planning as we've squashed some bugs affecting Strategy Description conventions. It's like getting a software update for your spaceship's navigation system!

🌗 API Endpoint Enhancement: Venue Credential Metadata 🚀

Strap in for a smoother integration journey with our external partners. The API endpoint now exposes Venue Credential Metadata, making it easier for you to connect and collaborate with partners in your trading universe!

So, tighten your gravity boots and prepare to dive into a galaxy of enhanced trading data! We hope these updates will take your trading experiences to the outermost edges of the known universe! 🌌

As always, we're here for any queries or interstellar distress signals you might send our way!

The Paradigm Team 💜

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